Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Join Chalk Paint Classes

Chalk paint classes are recommended for those who want to master the decorative painting by using chalk paint product and its several techniques.
Chalk paint is originally introduced by Anna Sloan. Furthermore, she is also having some products related to the chalk paint. Those are also sold to the public in order to satisfy her fans. There are many masterpiece are introduced by Anna Sloan about the furniture with chalk paint finish. Furthermore, she also offers the chalk paint classes for those who want to learn about it. By joining this class, you can create your own masterpiece for beautifying your home even also you can sell it as your own product.

Various choices of chalk paint classes for the beginners

First choices of chalk paint classes’ models are wax technique and the fundamental. This call is usually held up as a workshop. It is suitable for the newbie or beginners since they will find and discover the versatility in applying chalk paint as decorative paint. By joining this class, people also can learn about four different techniques in painting and finishing by using clear and dark wax. Related to this class, there is also hands-on workshop. It is learning about modern, two-color distressed rustic, the lime wash effect and also the technique of color washing. People also learn experience the technique for obtaining beautiful, soft, and also the durable finish.

Chalk paint classes for advanced

Besides for beginners, there is also class for advanced learners. The advances chalk paint classes is recommended for those who want to learn more about transferring image onto the furniture. In this calls, the product that is usually used is called as pearl Plaster. This is a kind of transfer Gel, which will give velvet-finish to the furniture. People also can explore the two steps in waxing technique that uses dark and clear wax. This will show you a beauty of the gliding waxes and also others ways that can be used. By joining this chalk paint classes, people can create more enchanted finish to the home furniture.

Home furniture chalk paint classes

For those who want to make over several rooms in the home, you don’t have to worry since the chalk paint classes choices is also provided for makeover class. One of them is kitchen cabinet makeover class. This is usually held up as workshop. By joining this workshop, people will know the technique and skill to custom the paint toward kitchen cabinet by using chalk paint. You will learn hands-on approach either with one or two-color technique. Also, people can learn the way to enhance and protect the beautiful work by using the soft wax product.

There is also class that is called as paint your own pieces. It is a kind of follow-up class or workshop as the introduction to the chalk paint product. in this workshop, people is usually ordered to bring small piece from their home to be transformed in the class by using chalk paint in about 2 up to 3 hours. Either vintages or modern are allowed to be brought in this class.

For those who want to join chalk paint classes, they can visit the official websites of Annie Sloan firstly to choose the suitable class. Also, you must consider about the payment in joining the class since each class has different price with others.

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